Rumpler C.IV VII

captured Rumpler C.IV

The Rumpler C.IV-VII were virtually indistinguishable from the outside. This aircraft flew with the unit Flieger-Abteilung(A ) 253 during the late summer of 1918. Leutnant der Reserve Hanns-Gerd Rabe flew numerous long range patrols. The aircraft's high ceiling kept it relatively safe from pursuing Allied fighters.

Function: reconnaissance
Year: 1917 Crew: 2 Engines: 1 * 180kW Maybach Mb IV
Wing Span: 12.55m Length: 8.20m Height: 3.40m Wing Area: 33.60m2
Empty Weight: 1050kg Max.Weight: 1485kg
Speed: 175km/h Ceiling: 7300m Range: 3.5hrs
Armament: 2*mg7.92mm