Fokker F-27 Friendship

The Friendship first entered airline service in 1959. This modern design remains in use today as a feeder-liner and freighter. It was updated by the 1990s by Fokker as the larger Fokker 50. Sadly Fokker ceased business in the 1990s.
Airline:  Iberia with Side Cargo Door in the late 1960s(1959)
40 Passengers
4 Rolls-Royce Dart engines
270 mph cruise

Wingspan 29.01m
Length 23.52m
Height 8.38m
Seating 40-44seats
Gross Weight 17,860Kg
Maximum Speed 490km/h
Altitude capability 10,500m
Range 2,410km
Take off Distance 1,050m
Landing Distance 1,110m
Fuel Capacity 6,440
Power Plant Rolls-Royce Dart 528
Engine Horsepower (1,870shp+thrust 224kg) x 2