Rockwell Turbo Commander

The Turbo Commander developed from the Aero Commander light twins, and was based on the 680FLP. The prototype first flew on 31 Dec. 1964. The initial model entered production in 1965 as the 680T. Development continued, and when North American Rockwell took over Aero Commander, the name Hawk Commander was briefly applied to the series. It was dropped in 1971. By this time, Rockwell was already developing the 690, which had first flown on 3 March 1968. The 690 was developed through the Jetprop Commander 840 and 980, which were produced by Gulfstream, who had acquired Rockwell's General Aviation Division in 1981.

Origin: USA
Type: 7/11-seat light transport
Max Speed: 531 km/h / 330mph
Max Range 1373 km / 853 miles
Dimensions: span 14.19 m (46 ft 6.5 in)
length 13.52 m (44 ft 4.25 in)
height 4.56 m (14 ft 11.5 in)
Weight: empty 2810 kg (6,195 Ib); maximum take-off 4683 kg (10,325 Ib)
Powerplant: two 522-ekW (700-eshp) Garrett TPE331-5-251 K turboprops
Armament: none