Aermacchi M.B.339A

Origin: Italy
Type: basic/advanced trainer and close-support aircraft
Max Speed: 485 kt / 559 mph
Max Range 593 km / 368 miles
Dimensions: span 10.858 m / 35 ft 7.5 in
length 10.97 m / 36 ft 0 in
height 3.99 m / 13 ft 0 in
Weight: empty 3125 kg / 6,889 lb maximum take-off 5895 kg / 13,000 lb
Powerplant: one 1,814-kg (4,000-lb) dry thrust Piaggio (Rolls-Royce) Viper 632-43 turbojet
Armament: provision for up to 1,814 kg (4,000 lb) of stores carried on six underwing hardpoints; the two inboard points can each carry a 30-mm cannon or 7 62-mm (0.3-in) multi-barrel Minigun in a Macchi pod, and the two centre points are 'wet' for the carriage of drop tanks; a wide variety of weapon loads includes bombs, napalm, AS.11/AS.12 or Magic missiles, rocket launchers, and a single four-camera reconnaissance pod