IAI Kfir

Origin: Israel
Type: single-seat fighter and ground-attack aircraft
Max Speed: 1,389 km/h / 889 mph
Max Range 535 km / 330 miles
Dimensions: span 8.23 m(27 ft)
length 15.34 m (50 ft 4 in)
height 5.22 m (17 ft 1 in)
Weight: Max take-off weight 16,193 kg / 35,700 lb
Powerplant: one General Electric GE-J79-17 (modified) turbojet rated at 8119 kg (17,900 Ib) thrust with afterburning
Armament: two 30-mm DEFA cannon and two Shafrir AAMs or air-to-ground weapons including bombs, rockets or missiles (such as Maverick, Hobos and Shrike)