SAAB JAS 39 Gripen

Origin: Sweden
Type: single-seat all-weather fighter, attack and reconnaissance aircraft
Max Speed: maximum speed supersonic at all altitudes
Max Range 3,250 km / 2,020 miles
Dimensions: span 8.00 m / 26 ft 3 in
length 14.10 m / 46 ft 3 in
height 4.70 m / 15 ft 5 in
Weight: empty 6,622 kg / 14,600 lb
max. take-off 12,473 kg /
27,500 lb
Powerplant: one 8210-kg (18,100-lb) afterburning thrust Volvo Flygmotor RM12 turbofan
Armament: one 27-mm Mauser BK27 cannon; provision for Sky Flash and Sidewinder AAMs, Maverick ASMs, Rb15F anti-ship missiles, bombs, cluster bombs, rocket-launcher pods, reconnaissance pods, drop tanks and ECM pods carried on six external hardpoints