Antonov An-72A Coaler

The An-72 (NATO came 'Coaler') was designed as a replacement for the An-26 tactical transport in Soviet service.

The first of two An-72 prototypes flew for the first time on December 22 1977, although it was not until 1985 that the first of eight extensively revised pre production An-72s flew. Included in this pre production batch were two An-74s, differing from the An-72s in their ability to operate in harsh weather conditions in polar regions because of an improved avionics suite.

Transport versions of the An-72 family include the An-72A base model with extended wings and fuselage compared to the prototypes, the An-72AT which can carry international standard containers, and the An-72S VlP transport. Versions of the An-74 include the base An-74A with enlarged nose radome, the An-74T freighter, the An-74TK convertible passenger/freighter model, and the An-74P Salon VIP transport. A prototype AEW An-71 ('Madcap') has also flown.

The An-72P maritime patrol aircraft meanwhile is based on the basic An-72 fuselage with a 23mm gun, rocket pods, four light bombs carried internally, day and night downward looking and oblique optical cameras and an optical TV sight. ln service with Ukraine, the An-72P is designed for close-in coastal surveillance. Antonov is now offering an improved development of the An-72P in conjunction with Israel Aircraft Industries. Changes include a glass cockpit, Elta EUM 2022A radar, Electro Optical day and night long range observation system and Elisra electronic warfare suite.

The most significant design feature of the An-72 and An-74 is the use of engine exhaust gases blown over the wing's upper surface to improve STOL performance and lift."

Origin: Ukraine
Type: STOL transport
Max Speed: 705 km/h / 438 mph
Max Range 800 km / 497 miles
Dimensions: span 31.89 m (104ft 7.5 in)
length 28.07 m (92 ft 1.1 in)
height 8.65 m (28ft 4.5in)
Weight: empty 19050 kg (41,997 Ib); maximum take-off 34500 kg (76,059 Ib)
Powerplant: two 6500-kg (14,330-lb) dry thrust Zaporozhye/Lota rev D-36 turbofans
Armament: none