to qualify for an Australian license

Pilots who wish to convert their overseas licence to an Australian flight crew licence must pass an Air law written examination and a flight test.

You must also obtain an Australian medical certificate. The conversion of your rating, such as that for the night VFR or Instrument rating, usually requires an additional examination and /or flight test

.The examinations mentioned above must be completed by an examiner that has been approved by CASA. This means that in most cases you will have to be within Australia before undertaking such tests.

Flying privately

If you wish to engage in private flying whilst in Australia, you can apply to CASA for a Special Pilot Licence, which can be issued on having your overseas licence with you on application. Your overseas licence must be current.

There are no exams required, but you may be asked by CASA to undertake a flight review with a flying instructor.

If you are in Australia for less than 3 months

You can apply for the issue of a temporary validation certificate for short term operations ( less than 3 months ). This would suit you if you were on holidays or undertaking aircraft conversion training.

You must present

You must present your original license(s), medical certificate, log book(s), and any other documents that support your qualifications.

If you have a New Zealand license

The requirements above do not apply to professional flight crew whose qualifications have been issued by the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority.

The New Zealand and Australian Government have entered into a (TTMRA) Tans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Agreement. This means goods can be traded freely between the two countries, and each others regulatory standards to occupations are recognised.

For information from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regarding overseas licences, click here.