Pilot reports (PIREPs) offer current weather conditions as reported by pilots who have just recently flown through an area. Pilots are encouraged to make these reports as they keep weather information updated and assist in warning pilots in preflight of potential weather hazards along their planned route. This report usually includes such information as height of cloud layers, in-flight visibility, icing conditions and turbulence which sometimes confirms what is already know, but can also inform about newly developed conditions.

Information Code Type of information requested
1) UA Pilot Weather Report (UA is a routine report; UUA is an urgent report)
2) OV Location
3) TM Time
4) FL Altitude/Flight Level
5) TP Aircraft Type
6) SK Sky Cover
7) WX Flight Visibility & Weather
8) TA Temperature (Celsius)
9) WV Wind
10) TB Turbulence
11) IC Icing