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Perhaps not surprisingly, the United States has become a tad paranoid about foreign students training in the USA and aliens flying light aircraft within their territory. Time was when many foreign pilots could stroll into the local FAA office and leave an hour later with an FAA pilot privilege attached to their license. They now want to do a security check a long time before you visit just in case you want to learn to fly but not land! It might hopefully dissuade UK pilots from seeking cut-price training deals in the US where they learn to fly in totally different conditions, with different procedures and with alien radio jargon!

Conversion of Foreign Pilot Certificate

A “Restricted” FAA Private Pilot Certificate can be issued to students on the basis of their foreign pilot license. A person who is applying for a U.S. pilot certificate/rating on the basis of a foreign license must go through an authentication process at least 60 days before arriving at the designated FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) where the applicant expects to receive the U.S. pilot certificate. To authenticate your status and pilot license, you will need to complete the Verification of Authenticity of Foreign License, Rating and Medical certification form from the Airman Certification Branch, AFS-760 found at the following web site: http://www.registry.faa.gov. The applicant must send the completed form and appropriate documents to the FAA’s Airman’s Certification Branch AFS-760, P.O. Box 25082, Oklahoma City, OK, 73125. AFS-760’s FAX number is (405) 954-4105. At this time, the pre-application documents cannot be sent electronically.

The Airman Certification Branch will then verify the authenticity of the applicant’s foreign pilot license and medical license with the foreign civil aviation authority and issue a verification of authenticity letter to the designated FSDO, and a copy to the applicant. The applicant must then complete the form 8710-1 and call the FSDO listed on the authenticity letter to make an appointment to come to the office with the required documents and complete the process.

This license conversion enables a foreign national pilot to rent aircraft in the U.S. or take advance flight training without having to take the FAA private pilot written and practical test. The FAA certificate will carry the notation that it was issued on the basis of your foreign pilot license and that all restrictions on your foreign license apply.

A letter or completed FAA form (Verification of Authenticity) must be sent to the FAA in Oklahoma City, preferably accompanied by copies of foreign pilot and medical certificates.

Mailing Address:

Airmen Certification Branch, AFS-760
PO Box 25082
Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0082

FAX:  +1-405-954-9922

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