The Cessna 172 Skyhawk

The Cessna 172 is without doubt the most successful mass produced light aircraft in history. From 1955 through to 1967 the 172 was powered by the six cylinder Continental O-300, before this engine was replaced by the four cylinder Lycoming O-320.

Cessna expected the new 172 to have only limited success, in view of the release of the Cessna 177 Cardinal at the same time. But the Cessna 172 became the most successful mass produced light aircraft in history.

The Skyhawk went through a series of developments in terms of aerofoil redesign, wider track undercarriage, increased fuel capacity options, reshaped windows and an optional higher standard "II" equipment package. High performance variants included the R172 Hawk XP, with a 195 hp engine, and the 172RG, with retracting undercarriage and a 180 hp Lycoming O-360 engine. Production models ran from the 172I of 1968 to the 172P of 1985.
Total Cessna 172 family production over 42,500, of which the civil Continental powered models account for about 15,800.



Lycoming 0-320-H2AD 160 HP

Oil Capacity

6 Litres (8 litres some models)

Total Fuel Capacity

188 Litres VH-MHG (197 VH-CLS)

Useable Fuel

181 Litres VH-MHG (189 VH-CLS)

Fuel Consumption

35 Litres / Hour

Cruise TAS

110 Kt

Best Angle Of Climb

59 Kt

Best Rate Of Climb

73 Kt

Cruise Climb

80 Kt

Approach Speed

65 Kt

Max. Crosswind

15 Kt

Glide Speed

65 Kt


85 Kt


160 Kt

Basic Empty Weight

667 Kg

Max. Take Off Weight

1043 Kg

Max. Landing Weight

1043 Kg