getting started in aviation

Taking the first step toward a fun and rewarding aviation experience.

What you need to know from the start.

There are many things that you must commit to starting out in aviation. The most important commitment is the time commitment. Typically, it is suggested that Student Pilots schedule flight lessons three days a week for one hour time slots. Consistently coming to all of your lessons is important: Excessive time in between lessons leads to forgetting material, which leads to more dollars spent on lessons in the long run. It is also expected that a student will take ground school on the side (or spend their own time studying material at home).

Typical costs to receive a Private Pilot License.

The cost to attain a Pilot License can vary greatly from person to person. A minimum of 40 to 45 hours is required depending on the country of training, but some people need up to 70 hours before they are ready for their proficiency examination. Depending on the area you are in, prices can vary. Typically, cities tend to have higher prices and suburbs have much lower prices for lessons.

The purchase of a headset is required by some flight schools. Many will lend you one. Seeing as your mouth gets very close, if not touching the mike, you may worry about what you might catch from the club headsets! Headsets can be purchased for as little as 100.00 but you may want to spend a little more. A high quality headset is a good investment because you will use it for years. Cheaper headsets are likely not to stand the test of time.

Text books are required by most ground schools.

Flight bags can range wildly is price. If you are on a limited budget you can easily find a flight bag in your range, you just have to shop around. Frankly, some equally good bags can be found in the supermarket for less than a round of drinks.