animated flight-path example - using ZACKS as initial approach fix

Animated Flight-path Example

Above, you can see the aircraft enter the approach path from the NORTH-WEST. Because he/she was flying to the GVO VOR, he made station passage then flew the 099 Radial OUTBOUND Easterly.

After reaching ZACKS (IAF), he descends to 3000 Ft. MSL, and continues to begin a procedure turn within 10nm.

After turning around, he/she descends to 2100 ft. MSL and gets back onto the Procedure Track of 279 and flies WEST inbound.

Once he/she reaches ZACKS again (the FAF) he/she can descend to his/her MDA of 920 Ft. MSL and continue on to the Missed Approach Point.

After reaching the MAP, the pilot has visual of the airfield, and descends to land while turning slightly left to align with the runway.