Glossary of Terms
term brief definition
Approach- The transition from standard flight in preparation to land.
DME- Distance Measuring Equipment. This system allows us to use radio signals to determine distance from the transmitting station.
FAF- see Final Approach Fix
Final Approach Fix- The point where we begin our transition down to the airfield, TOWER gives us further clearance to land here, also where we can descend to the MDA.
HAA- see Height Above Airport
HAT- see height Above Touch-down-zone
Height Above Touch-down-zone- The distance in feet, above the touchdown area of the runway that is used to compute the Minimum Descent Altitude (MDA) or Decision Height (DH).
IAF- see Initial Approach Fix
INT- Intersection
Initial Approach Fix- Point where the decision to land or go around must be made
MAP- see Missed Approach Point
MDA- see Minimum Descent Altitude
Minimum Descent Altitude- The altitude restriction placed after the FAF that you can not descend below UNTIL you have visual of the runway environment.
Missed Approach- Basically, re-positioning your aircraft to gain altitude and clear of traffic / obstacles, in preparation for another approach.
Missed Approach Point- Point where the decision to land or go around must be made
VOR- VHF Omni-directional Range. Use to transmit Magnetic Bearing information along 360 radials. No Distance information is sent unless DME accompanies the VOR system.