Runway Lighting Systems

This area informs us of the available Runway Lighting Systems at this airfield.

The FIRST item listed is the HIRL (Hi-Intensity Runway Lighting). It is offered on Runway 7-25. This Lighting is composed of the lights around the outline of the runway.

The SECOND item is the MIRL (Med-Intensity Runway Lighting). These lights are used on Runway 15R -33L. They also OUTLINE the runway but are MEDIUM intensity. The CIRCLED L indicates that these lights are PILOT-CONTROLLED by keying your microphone on the published frequency a certain number of times.

Listed last, is the REIL (Runway End Identifier Lighting). This is made up of two WHITE lights on the approach end of the runway, one on each side. This system is available on Rwy 15R and Rwy 25.