KWANG Procedure Track

This area shows us ANOTHER possible entry point into Santa Barbara Muni. KWANG (IAF) is another Initial Approach Fix and this section tells us a few rules to follow when flying inbound from KWANG.

FIrst, notice the 2100 next to NoPT. This is the MSL Altitude that you should fly inbound to the Final Approach Fix (also ZACKS). This helps provide altitude separation as well as obstacle clearance and radar coverage.

Next is the 279, identifying our INBOUND COURSE to follow.

Right of that is (10.9) which tells us that 10.9 miles from the Final Approach Fix (ZACKS) KWANG is located and is the beginning of this procedure track where these rules apply.

Lastly, the NoPT stands for No Procedure Turn. This means that because we are flying in the correct direction for landing and following the Procedure Track of 279, we need NOT do a U-Turn (Procedure Turn) to position us in the correct direction.

A Procedure Turn is a method of turning an aircraft around in a precise manner. (A precision U-Turn)