Missed Approach Holding Pattern

Well, you reached the Missed Approach Point and could not get a visual of the runway environment, so you execute a Missed Approach. This requires a left turning climb to the Missed Approach Holding Fix, GOLET.

As you can see on the diagram, the direction of turning is Clockwise, turning right, A STANDARD holding turn.

Holding is an entire lesson in itself, so we will simplify it. Simply enter holding by one of three methods depending on your entry heading and the back course of the holding pattern. Direct entry, Tear Drop entry, or Parallel Outbound entry are allowed. Direct entry being more common since it applies when approaching the holding fix half of the possible directions.

Once there, fly 1 minute legs in direction of holding (unless otherwise published) for non-DME, otherwise a MILEAGE for the legs will be given.

This gives you and ATC time to prepare for another attempt to transition from AIR to GROUND.