Missed Approach Route

This area encloses 3 items of interest. One being the Missed Approach Route while the other TWO are Obstacles- 230 and 334 feet MSL.

The Missed Approach Route is a left-curving path indicating a turn to the left while flying outbound of the airfield. When the pilot fails to make VISUAL contact with the Airfield Environment within a given distance/altitude he must execute a missed approach to try the approach again. While flying the missed approach he must fly this path. As you can tell, two obstacles are VERY near and, under IFR conditions, can be invisible to the pilot/crew. This is the reason the missed approach path is given- To protect the plane from obstacles, terrain, and traffic. This path will normally point the aircraft in a direction towards a Missed Approach holding area for further directions from ATC. In this case, GOLET (GVO r-127 at 18.7 nautical miles) is the Holding Fix for the Missed Approach.

Along with flying the Missed Approach path (left turn on this approach) the pilot will also climb to a certain altitude etc.. These directions are given in the Profile View.