Non-Compulsory Reporting Point

A Non-Compulsory reporting Point is a point that is used for a Non-radar environment, (such as a power failure at the tower, radar facility malfunction, etc.) to control aircraft. These were designed to help the ATC function during failure of radar facilities to control, separate, and sequence aircraft.

A Compulsory Reporting Point is represented by a solid black triangle while a Non- Compulsory Reporting Point is a black triangle OUTLINE.

Non-Compulsory reporting points are named (5) Letters such as KWANG in this example. Pilots are NOT required to report to ATC when they reach these points, thus Non-Compulsory reporting.

Compulsory Reporting points require that pilots report that they have reached them to ATC so ATC does NOT have to constantly remind pilots of positions to contact while they fly their route. They CAN even be placed INSIDE navaid symbols to ensure pilots report reaching a particular navaid.

It is COMMON practice to use non-Compulsory reporting points as fixes, points, etc.. on routes , approaches, and airways to aid in navigation and flight planning.