Procedure Turn

The Procedure Turn is the method at which aircraft perform precise turn-arounds to correct its course as needed. On an approach, sometimes it is necessary to fly OVER a navaid, a fix, or a point, continue OUTBOUND, then turn-around to become properly oriented for landing.

On this particular approach, a Procedure Turn is needed when flying from the WEST in order to turn the aircraft around heading 279.

Typically, an inbound aircraft would fly to the GVO VORTAC then fly OUTBOUND on its 099 Radial. Once reaching the Initial Approach Fix (ZACKS) he would continue until he could perform a Procedure Turn (normally within the 10nm circle). After turning the aircraft around, he would re-align on the 099 Radial, and fly an INBOUND course of 279 to the Final Approach Fix (ZACKS) for landing.

The Procedure Turn is performed by the following method:

1. Turn the airplane 45 to the direction of the arrow/barb on the approach plate (Right 144)

2. Fly this heading for 1 minute (staying inside the 10nm circle)

3. At ONE minute, turn the aircraft in the OPPOSITE direction to the reciprocal (Left 324) until intercepting the GVO 099 Radial again

4. Turn again to the correct inbound course (Left 279) to complete the Procedure Turn