S-25 - Straight-in Surveillance Approach for Runway 25

The S-25 indicates a Straight-in approach for Runway 25. This means that there will be little course deviation from 279 and once we reach the Missed Approach Point, we will fly directly to the runway threshold for landing. We will NOT be allowed to CIRCLE around the field, in a pattern, etc.. when flying this approach.

A straight-in approach is assigned a runway and can be based on a NAVAID at the field, OR simply a course flown to the runway (as in this approach). If the in-bound Procedure track is not within 30 of the runway direction, then the approach will be designated as a CIRCLING approach. CIRCLING approaches have higher weather requirements and allow the pilot to circle around the field to line up on any available runway at the field. CIRCLING approaches are not runway dependent.

In this approach, we have the option of choosing the Straight-in Rwy. 25 approach or the Circling approach. Straight-in approaches NORMALLY offer the best Minima (lower minimum altitude restrictions), so we will NORMALLY pick a Straight in approach vs. CIRCLING unless we desire to circle the field for some reason.

Other approaches include Precision Approach Radar-PAR (tower talks you onto the runway using radar) and Instrument Landing System-ILS(a radio system transmits info. to course and glideslope needles). These are PRECISION APPROACHES and offer course guidance as well as glide path guidance.

The other NON-PRECISION APPROACHES available are Airport Surveillance Radar-ASR (similar to PAR, but NO glide path info.) and the Localizer-LOC (uses ONLY the course guidance from an ILS system and frequency).