flight training
crew licensing


  New Zealand licence requirements

Private Pilots Licence - PPL.

             Flight time requirements
             50 hours total flight time
             15 hours dual flight instruction
             15 hours solo flight time
              5 hours instrument time
              5 hours dual cross country navigation
              5 hours solo cross country navigation

           Other requirements
              17 years of age for PPL
              16 years of age to be able to fly solo
               Class 2 medical certificate
               Passes in: Flight Radio Telephone
                                  PPL Aviation Law and Publications
                                  PPL Human Factors      
                                  PPL Meteorology
                                  PPL Navigation
                                  PPL Principles of Flight & Aircraft Technical

Commercial Pilots Licence - CPL

Flight time requirements
                200 hours total flight time
                100 hours pilot in command time
                30 hours cross country navigation
                15 hours dual cross country navigation
                15 hours solo cross country navigation
                10 hours instrument time

             Other requirements
                18 years of age
                 Class 1 medical
                 Passes in: CPL Aviation Law and Publications
                                     CPL Human Factors
                                     CPL Meteorology
                                     CPL Navigation
                                     CPL Principles of Flight
                                     CPL Aircraft Technical Knowledge


Conversion to New Zealand PPL from overseas ICAO Licence

The applicant must hold a current ICAO licence and medical and meet the minimum flight experience requirements for the issue of a New Zealand PPL. See section on PPL requirements.

The applicant must produce their logbook, licence and medical certificate at the time of applying for their New Zealand licence.

The applicant must under go a BFR (Biennial Flight Review) with a "B" category instructor. The instructor must view the candidates logbook to assess that the candidate has the required flight experience for a New Zealand PPL. The instructor must also provide the candidate with a thorough briefing on New Zealand procedures and the New Zealand AIP (aeronautical information publications). The logbook assessment, evidence of the BFR, a photocopy of the candidates medical/licence is sent to the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) along with the issue fee of $55. The CAA will send the licence directly to the candidate.

It will take about 5 working days for the licence to arrive.

Flying Options in New Zealand for Overseas Visitors

Flying Holiday

For overseas visitors who hold an ICAO licence it is possible for them to take a flying holiday in New Zealand where they fly themselves around New Zealand. To be able to do this they must first convert their foreign licence to a New Zealand licence.  The conversion to a New Zealand licence is quite simple. 

New Zealand is a relatively easy place to navigate around. It is well provided with NDB and VOR/DME beacons. There are large areas of uncontrolled airspace at the lower altitudes, it is possible to fly to just about anywhere outside of the main centres without having to talk to Air Traffic Control.

For visitors from overseas who do not hold a licence or do not wish to go through the licence validation process can still take a flying holiday.

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