Flag of Guernsey

Map of Guernsey


The island of Guernsey and the other Channel Islands represent the last remnants of the medieval Dukedom of Normandy, which held sway in both France and England. The islands were the only British soil occupied by German troops in World War II.


Western Europe, islands in the English Channel, northwest of France

Geographic coordinates:

49 28 N, 2 35 W


total: 78 sq km
note: includes Alderney, Guernsey, Herm, Sark, and some other smaller islands
water: 0 sq km
land: 78 sq km


temperate with mild winters and cool summers; about 50% of days are overcast


mostly level with low hills in southwest

Elevation extremes:

lowest point: Atlantic Ocean 0 m
highest point: unnamed location on Sark 114 m

Natural resources:


Geography - note:

large, deepwater harbor at Saint Peter Port


65,031 (July 2004 est.)

Ethnic groups:

UK and Norman-French descent


Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist, Congregational, Methodist


English, French, Norman-French dialect spoken in country districts

Country name:

conventional long form: Bailiwick of Guernsey
conventional short form: Guernsey

Dependency status:

British crown dependency


Saint Peter Port

Economy - overview:

Financial services - banking, fund management, insurance, etc. - account for about 55% of total income in this tiny Channel Island economy. Tourism, manufacturing, and horticulture, mainly tomatoes and cut flowers, have been declining. Light tax and death duties make Guernsey a popular tax haven. The evolving economic integration of the EU nations is changing the environment under which Guernsey operates.

Agriculture - products:

tomatoes, greenhouse flowers, sweet peppers, eggplant, fruit; Guernsey cattle


tourism, banking

Exports - commodities:

tomatoes, flowers and ferns, sweet peppers, eggplant, other vegetables

Imports - commodities:

coal, gasoline, oil, machinery and equipment

Imports - partners:

UK (regarded as internal trade)


British pound (GBP); and Guernsey pound

Telephones - main lines in use:

55,000 (2001)

Telephones - mobile cellular:

31,500 (2001)

Ports and harbors:

Saint Peter Port, Saint Sampson

Merchant marine:



2 (2003 est.)

Airports - with paved runways:

total: 2
914 to 1,523 m: 1
under 914 m: 1 (2003 est.)

Military - note:

defense is the responsibility of the UK