EGGD Bristol  N5122.96 W00243.15
data is not for navigational purposes

map reproduced by the kind permission of AFE

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Global Trading Tel: 01275 472484
Fuel AVGAS 0800-2000 (L)
Surcharge applies outside these Hrs
AVGAS through Bristol Flight Centre Tel: 01275 474601
AVTUR JET Al Mon-Fri 0500-0130 Sat-Sun 0500-2300

Operator Bristol Airport Plc Bristol Airport
Bristol BS4S 3DV
Tel:01275474444 I
Tel: 01275 473712 (ATC)
Fax: 01275 474800/47~82 (ATC)
Telex: 449295A1RP0RT BRISTOL


Restaurant refreshments & club facilities available
Duty-Free Shop & 24Hr (airside) bar

Airport Taxis Ltd Tel: 01275 474812
AvisTel: 01275 472613
Europcar Tel: 01275474623
HertzTel: 01275 472807