EGHR Chichester (Goodwood)   N5051.55 W00045.55
data is not for navigational purposes

map reproduced by the kind permission of AFE

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The Aerodrome is PPR. Permission will normally be granted on the radio but we generally recommend that you telephone beforehand in case we're closed for an event.

Maintenance Goodwood ACFT Maintenance
Tel: 01243 755064

Operator Goodwood Road Racing Co Ltd
Chichester (Goadwood) Aerodrome
Chichester, West Sussex P018 OPH
Tel: 01243 789660 (Admin)
Tel: 01243 755061 (ATC)
Fax: 01243755062 (ATC)

Restaurants On AD by motor circuit pits and in
Goodwood Flying Club
Dunnaways Tel: 01243 782403
Car Hire
National Tel: 01243202426
Wessex Car Rental Tel: 01243779977