EGJJ Jersey   N4912.18 W00211.73
data is not for navigational purposes

map reproduced by the kind permission of AFE

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Maintenance Jersey Aircraft Maintenance
Tel: 01534 745124
Channel Islands Aero Services
Tel: 01534 742373

Fuel AVGAS 100LL AVTUR JET A1 Refuelling

Operator States of Jersey
States of Jersey Airport
Jersey Channel Islands
Tel: 01534492000
Tel: 01534 747415
(When ATC is not manned)
Tel: 01534 492226 (ATC)
Fax: 01534492131 (Admin)
Fax: 01534492226 (ATC)
Fax: 01534 492194 (FBU)
Telex: 4192332

Restaurant Restaurant & buffet in terminal
& Aero club

Taxis/Car Hire Available at terminal