Hinton in the Hedges   N5201.75 W00112.48
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Maintenance Holdcroft Aviation
Tel: 01295 810287
Fax: 01295-812247

Fuel AVGAS 100LL

Operator Mr R B Harrison
Walltree House Farm
Steane Brackley Northants
Tel: 01295 811235 (PPR)
Tel: 01295 812300 (Hinton Skydiving)
Tel: 01295 811056 (Gliding club)
Tel: 01295 812775 (Flight Training
Tom Eagles)
Fax: 01295811147 (Owner)
Fax: 01295 812400 (Hinton Skydiving)

Restaurants Light refreshments in club house
Accommodation available at Walltree Farm on AD

PJ Cars Tel: 01280 704330