EG10 Breighton   N5348.12 W00054.85
data is not for navigational purposes

map reproduced by the kind permission of AFE

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Operating Hrs
Mon-Fri 0730-SS Sat-Sun 0900-SS (Summer) Mon-Fri 0830-SS Sat-Sun 1000-SS (Winter)
Circuits 29 LH, 11 RH, 700ft QFE all circuits S Landing Fee Nil
Maintenance Real Aeroplane Co
Tel: 01757 289065 Fuel AVGAS 100LL JET Al
Limited over night hangarage available

Operator Real Aeroplane Company Ltd The Aerodrome Breighton Selby Yorks Y08 7DH Tel: 01757 289065
Restaurants Refreshments & food at weekends
Taxis On request through AD Car Hire
National Tel: 01904 612141
Weather Info AirN MWC