EGPR Barra   N5701.62 W00726.25
data is not for navigational purposes

map reproduced by the kind permission of AFE

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Operating Hrs
Mon-Fri 0945-1215 & 1400-1630
Sat 1215-1330 & 1400-1630 (1 Apr-270ct) Sun Closed
All times subject to tidal variation
Circuits Variable
Landing Fee 13.84 up to 3000kgs booked in advance VFR cash/cheque on the day

Maintenance Nil
Fuel Nil
Operator HIAL Barra Aerodrome,
Isle of Barra, HS9 5YD Tel: 01871 890212 (PPR) Fax: 01871890220
Heathbank Hotel (4 miles) May to Sept only Craigard/Castlebay Hotels (12 miles) open all year
Barra Taxi Tel: 01871 810999
J Campbell Tel: 01871 810216
D Sinclair Tel: 01871 890253 Car Hire
Macmillan Self Dri. Tel: 01871 890366 Barra Car Hire Tel: 01871 810243
H MacNeil Tel: 01871 810262 Bus
The post bus will drop passengers at Castlebay
Weather Info AirSc GWC