Hardwick (Norwich)  N5227.85 E00118.65
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map reproduced by the kind permission of AFE

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Operating Hrs SR-SS
Circuits 13 LH, 31 RH, 1000ft OFE
On go around clear area and make new APP
Landing fee Nil
Maintenance contribution appreciated
Maintenance Fixed Wing & Rotary Tel: 07887 652308
Fuel 100LL at weekends & by arr (Mon-Fri)
Hangarage Available
Operator Hardwick Classic Aircraft Tel: 01508 530357
. _ Tel: 07868 981527
Tel: 07733 250312
Tel: 0208 9501724 (R K Tomlinson) wavian@msn.com
Occasional hot drinks & snacks at weekends
Taxis/Car Hire By arr
Weather Info Airs MOEx