EGWE Henlow  N5201.17 W00018.10
data is not for navigational purposes

map reproduced by the kind permission of AFE

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Operating Hrs 0830-SS (L)
Circuits LH except 13 RH 27R (variable)
1000ft GEE
Landing Fee Charges in accordance with RAF policy Contact Station Ops for details
Maintenance Nil
Fuel AVGAS t00LL
Operator RAF Henlow,
Tel: 01462 851515 Ex 7432 (PPR) Tel: 01462 851936 (Flying Club)
Restaurant Cafe & pub food in Henlow village Taxis/Car Hire By arr
Weather Info AirCen MOEx
Visual Reference Points (VRP)
Blue Lagoon (Brick pit with blue water) 140/2.25nm
Chick Sands (Aerial farm NW Shefford) 300/2.5nm
Water TWR (Light concrete structure) O60/3.Snm