EGXE Leeming  N5417.54 W00132.11
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map reproduced by the kind permission of AFE

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Operating Hrs
Mon-Thu 0800-2359 Fri 0800-1800
Sat-Sun & PH when station based light ACFT operate
Circuits Large ACFT 1000ft QFE Small ACFT 800ft OFE
Landing Fee Charges in accordance with RAF policy Contact Station Ops for details
Maintenance Nil
Fuel AVGAS 1 00LL AVTUR Jet A1
Operator RAF Leeming
Tel: 01677 423041 Ex 2058/2059 (PPR)
Restaurants In Northallerton
Taxis/Car Hire Nil
Weather Info M T Fax 336 MWC
ATIS Tel: 01677 423041 Ex 7770
Learning Noise Procedures
All helicopters and light ACFT are not to fly below 500ft QFE within the MATZ, unless weather or operational reasons dictate.
Fixed wing ACFT other than light ACFT are not to fly below 1000ft QFE within the MATZ, unless joining the visual circuit. All ACFT must avoid over flying towns and villages within the MATZ - see map for details.
Avoid over flying the local areas of Bedale, Northallerton, Leeming Bar, Leeming village, Laidonderry, Gatenby, Scruton, Scorton Hospital, Breckenborough, Theakeston Hall, Sion Hall.
Medium/heavy helicopters msut also avoid, Cross Lanes farm, Grewelmarpe village and Kirkby Mabeard