EGCT Tilstock  N5255.93 W00238.83
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map reproduced by the kind permission of AFE

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Operating Hrs Available on request
Circuits Join downwind 1000ft OFE
Landing Fee 10 cash
Maintenance Nil
Fuel AVGAS 100LL available by prior arr
Operator The Parachute Centre,
Tilstock Aerodrome,
Shropshire, SY13 2HA
Tel: 01948 841111 (Parachute Centre)
Tel: 01948 663239 (Landowner/PPR Mr Matson) Tel: 01939 250351 Ex 7232 (Shawbury ATC)
Restaurants Snacks tea & coffee available at AD
Halls Tel: 01948 662222
Car Hire Nil
Weather Info AirCen MWC