York Rufforth  N5356.83 W00110.24
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Operating Hrs SR-SS
Circuits 18 RH, 36 LH
24W RH, 06W LH, 800ft QFE Microlights 24E LH, 06E RH, 500ft OFE
Landing Fee Rufforth E Nil
Rufforth W6-50 depending on size
Maintenance Nil
Fuel AVGAS 100LL (Rufforth W)
Operator York Gliding Centre,
Rufforth Aerodrome, York, Y023 3NA
Tel: 01904 738694 (W)
Tel: 01904 738877(Microlights E)
Restaurants Vending machine in clubhouse
Pub lunches The Tankard Rufforth 1 m
Taxis Tel: 01423 359000 Car Hire
National Tel: 01904 612141
Weather Info AirN MWC