EGKK London (Gatwick)  N5108.88 W00011.42
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Maintenance Available by air with local operators


Operator Gatwick Airport Ltd
London Gatwick Airport
West Sussex RH6 ONP
Tel: 01283 535353 or
Tel: 0208 6884211 (GAL)
Tel: 01293 575278 (NATS)
Tel: 01283575280 (FBU)
Fax: 01293 575204 (NATS)
Fax: 01293 505093 (GAL)
Telex: 87127 (NATS) 877725 (GAL)

Handling GA handling
lntetflight Tel: 01293 503201

Restaurants buffets & bars in N & S terminals

Taxis Available at N & S Terminals
Car Hire
Avis Tel: 01293 529751
Hertz Tel: 01293 530565