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Beechcraft Queen Air history, performance and specifications

The prototype Beech 65 Queen Air first flew on 28 August, 1958. The aircraft was generally similar to the earlier Model 50 Twin Bonanza, but with deeper section fuselage and more powerful engines.
The improved Model A65 introduced the swept vertical tail surface, and had greater fuel capacity. A variant, known as the Queen Airliner, allowed for high-density seating, with a crew of 1-2 and 9-10 passengers.
In 1961 the Model 80 was introduced, followed by the A80 in 1964, with increased span and ability to lift greater weights. The final version was the B80 with a number of design and equipment improvements.
A pressurised version of the B80, introduced in 1965, was the Model 88, with circular cabin windows. Only 45 of these were built before it was taken out of production in 1969. A model 70, introduced in 1968, was basically an A65 with a B80 wing span. A Queen Airliner version of this had the economy of the A65, with increased carrying ability.
Manufacture of the Models 65 and 70 ended in late 1971. The Model 80 remained in production until 1978. In all approximately 956 aircraft were built.