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C177 Cardinal
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Cessna 177 Cardinal history, performance and specifications

Developed to replace the 172 family, the 177 entered the market at about the same time as the late model Cessna 172, at a price about 10% higher. It was available as the basic 177 or as an up-spec Cardinal. Although successful enough, despite a fairly spacious cabin with a rear-fitted wing giving good visibility, an all-moving tailplane and a high level of standard equipment, it failed to compete well with the 172, being perceived as underpowered.

In late 1968, the 177A was introduced, with a 180 hp O-360-A engine. It was followed in 1970 by the 177B, and the Cardinal Classic with full IFR instrumentation and more luxurious appointments.

The last development was the 177RG, with retracting undercarriage. Production of the 177B and 177RG ended in 1978. 4240 177s were built between 1968 and 1978, including 1490 RGs (including 176 RGs by Reims in France).