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Cessna 310 & 320 history, performance and specifications

The Cessna 310 & 320

The 310 was Cessna's first post-WW2 twin-engined production aircraft, deliveries commencing late in 1954. Apart from its sleek lines, the 310 uniquely carried its fuel in wingtip tanks.

The 310C of 1959 was the first major upgrade, being fitted with more powerful 260 hp engines. The swept fin was introduced in the 310D of 1960, and an extra cabin window was added in the 310F.

The 310Q, and the 320 Skynight, were turbocharged developments, the 320 being produced between 1961 and 1969 until replaced by the Turbo 310.

The final variant, the 310R, was identifiable by its lengthened nose. Production ended in 1980. A
total 310 and 320 production was 6013 aircraft, of which 575 were 320s and 196 were for the US military.