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company history

Founded in 1928, PZL "Warszawa-Okęcie" SA. is the oldest Polish aircraft manufacturer. During its long history the Company experienced many important moments, which contributed to its development, modernisation and products today.

The outline of the most important dates and events: 

May 21st, 1910        In less than a year since Bleriot had flown over the English Channel and aviation industry was still in its infant
                            age all over the world, Warsaw Aviation Company AWIATA emerged at the Mokotów Field, Warsaw to support
                            the development of aviation in the Polish Kingdom. 

June 17th, 1911       A series of Farman - licensed plane named Aviatik entered production. 

December 1918        Central Aviation Works were founded as the first aircraft factory in independent Poland.

1921 Construction of an aviation factory at Okęcie.
1928 Existing Central Aviation Works were modernised and transformed into the State Aviation Works (PZL).

1930s                     PZL-23 Karaś and PZL-37 Łoś (among others) manufactured. The first spraying system to protect forests was
                           developed and fitted to Potez, Bré guet and Farman. 

1939 - 1945              PZL was used as the German maintenance and repair center. An administration building and two workshop
                            rooms was all that was left. 

1946                       Central Aircraft Studies were formed to be the new starting point for the aircraft factory. 

1948                      Central Aircraft Studies with set up workshops were named Transport Equipment Plant (WSK OKĘCIE) and
                            assigned with production and overhaul of aircraft. 

1951-1960                Junak 2 and Junak 3, CSS-13, TS-8 BIES, JAK-12M, TS-11ISKRA as well as PZL-101 Gawron agro-aircraft
                             were designed and manufactured at WSK Okęcie.

April 24th, 1962 PZL-104 Wilga maiden flight.

1963                       PZL-104 Wilga production started. Up to now nearly 1000 A/cs were manufactured and sold all over the

1972                        WSK-Okęcie started rendering agro services. Today we operate nearly 250 agplanes.

May 8th, 1979 Maiden flight of PZL Koliber.
May 15th, 1981 Maiden flight of PZL-106 BR Kruk agro-aircraft with piston engine
Sept. 18th, 1985 Maiden flight of PZL-106 BT-601 Kruk agro-aircraft with turbo-prop engine.
Jan. 12th, 1989 Maiden flight of PZL-130TM Orilk.

Sept. 22nd, 1989       WSK-Okęcie was named PZL "Warszawa-Okęcie"

Oct. 5th, 1989 Maiden flight of PZL Koliber 150.
Aug. 21st, 1992 Maiden flight of PZL-130TB Orlik.

Jan. 2nd, 1995          PZL "Warszawa-Okęcie" was transformed into as stock company owned by the Ministry of Industry and
                              Trade. Its name was changed to: PZL "Warszawa-Okęcie" SA.

Sept. 14th, 1995 Maiden flight of PZL 111 Koliber 235A.
Aug. 20th, 1996 Maiden flight of PZL-104M WILGA 2000.
Aug. 19th, 1998 Maiden flight of PZL-106 BT-34 Turbo Kruk with PT6A- 34AG 750 engine.
Sept. 11th, 1999 Maiden flight of PZL-104 MW Wilga 2000 Hydro on floats.
Dec. 3rd, 1999 ISO 9001.
Jan. 19th, 2000 JAR 21 G.
June 17th, 2000 Maiden flight of PZL-112 Koliber "Junior".