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Piper PA-46 Malibu & Malibu Mirage history, performance and specifications

The Malibu Mirage has the rare distinction of being in a class by itself. No other plane currently in production can claim to be a six-place cabin-class pressurized piston single. In spite of a complicated history, the aircraft ultimately lives up to its reputation as a full-capability IFR platform providing comfort and reliability in the flight levels. The Malibu Mirage offers performance and comfort similar to many cabin-class twins, with significantly lower operating costs.

The Malibu Mirage is actually two different airplanes. The Malibu, designated the PA-46-310P, was first introduced to the public in late 1982, and rolled off the production line in 1984. The Mirage (PA-46-350P), also called the Malibu Mirage to create some confusion, came into the world in 1989, with a new engine, greater maximum gross takeoff weight and a slightly more modern cockpit design. The two share many common characteristics.