Rolls-Royce plc is a global company providing power on land, sea and air. The company has established leading positions in civil aerospace, defence, marine and energy markets.

1906: The Rolls-Royce Company is formed by Henry Royce and Charles Rolls to manufacture motor cars.
1914: The Admiralty asks Rolls-Royce to develop a 200 hp aero engine. The resulting V-12 Eagle establishes Rolls-Royce in the aircraft engine field.

1931: The Rolls-Royce "R" powers Britain's entry in the Schneider Trophy race. It establishes a new world speed record over 400 mph.

1961: Rolls-Royce acquires Napier Aero Engines.

1966: Rolls-Royce acquires Bristol Siddeley.

1971: Financial problems lead to Rolls-Royce to being taken over by the government.

1973: Rolls-Royce sells its motor car business.

1987: Rolls-Royce becomes a private company again.

1995: Rolls-Royce acquires the Allison Engine Company.

1999: Rolls-Royce acquires Vickers plc.

2000: Rolls-Royce acquires 100% interest in BMW Rolls-Royce.