aviation glossary


LAAS - Local Area Augmentation System (in USA)

LAMS - Light Aircraft Maintenance Schedule, the CAA-approved schedule for fixed-wing light aircraft below 2,730 kg auw whose Cs of A are valid for three years subject to compliance with LAMS.

LARS - Lower Airspace Radar Advisory service, available to all aircraft flying in uncontrolled UK airspace from 3,000 feet amsl to FL95. See also MMARS, RAS and RIS, below.

lat - latitude.

LATCC - London Area & Terminal Control Centre at West Drayton, near Heathrow.

lbf - engine thrust in pounds force

LCD - liquid crystal display

lczt - (ILS) localizer (USA)

LDA - landing distance available.

LED - light emitting diode

LF - low-frequency radio waves with frequencies in the 30-300 kHz band.

LITAS - low-intensity two-colour approach system.

LLTV - low light level television.

LLZ - localizer ((USA).

LOC - localiser. The azimuth guidance portion of an instrument landing system.

locator - medium-frequency non-directional radio beacon used as an aid to establishing yourself on final approach during an instrument landing procedure. Also LOM, locator outer marker.

lon(g) - longitude

Loran - low-frequency hyperbolic radio long-range navigation system which measures time difference between reception of synchronised signals transmitted from ground transmitters. Loran C, operates in the 100 110 kHz frequency band with an operating range of 600-1,500 nm independent of line-of-sight, and is becoming very popular among GA aircraft operators in the USA.