aviation glossary


r/t - radio telephony. Voice communications, as opposed to WT, wireless telegraphy. Also styled RTF.

rabbit lights - colloquialism for sequentially flashing lead-in runway approach lights.

RAF - Royal Air Force

ramp weight - maximum permissible weight of an aircraft, which exceeds maximum take-off weight by an allowance for fuel burned during engine-start and taxi.

RAPID - change expected to take place in thirty minutes or less, term used in mer reports.

RAS (1) - rectified airspeed. Indicated airspeed corrected for instrument position error.

RAS (2) - Radar Advisory Service. Provided outside regulated airspace to notify pilots of conflicting traffic and to advise suitable avoiding action. Also RASA Radar Advisory Service Area.

rating - add-on qualification to a pilot's licence, e.g. Night Rating, Multi-engine Rating, Instrument Rating, Seaplane Rating etc. Individual Type Ratings are necessary to fly aircraft over 12,500 pounds MTWA.

RBI - relative bearing indicator, displaying information from the ADF.

RCL - runway centre-line.

RDO - radio.

RIS - Radar Information Service. Provided to notify pilots of conflicting traffic outisde regulated airspace, but offering no avoiding action.

RMI - radio magnetic indicator. A navigation aid which combines DI, VOR and/or ADF display and will indicate bearings to stations, together with aircraft heading.

RMK - remark(s).

RMU - radio management unit.

Rnav - area navigation. A system of radio navigation which permits direct point-to-point off-airways navigation by means of an on-board computer creating phantom VOR/DME transmitters termed waypoints.

RON - remain over night (night-stop).

root - inner end of wing where it meets fuselage.

rpm - revolutions per minute.

RVR - runway visual range, a horizontal measurement of visibility along a runway.

rwy - runway.

Rx - receiver.