aviation glossary


NAS - Naval Air Station (USA)

NATS - National Air Traffic Services. A division of the CAA providing UK air traffic control.

Nav - navigation.

Nav/Com - navigation and communication.

Navaid - navigation aid.

NBAA - National Business Aircraft Association, USA.

NDB - non-directional beacon. A medium-frequency navigational aid which transmits non-directional signals, superimposed with a Morse code identifier and received by an aircraft's ADF.

nm - nautical mile(s).

NOE - nap of earth. Low flying, usually by the military, using contour-flying techniques and terrain-masking to avoid being seen.

NORDO - no radio (used on flight plan form).

NOSIG - no significant change, term used on Met reports.

Notam - Notices to Airmen, issued by the CAA (and equivalent authorities elsewhere) to inform pilots of new or changed aeronautical facilities, services, procedures or hazards, temporary or permanent. Also SNOWTAM, a NOTAM concerning runway conditions in snow.

NOTAR - no tail rotor. A system patented by McDonnell Douglas for maintaining directional control of helicopters without use of an anti

NPRM - Notice of Proposed Rule-Making (USA). Advance publication by the FAA of proposed changes or additions to Federal Air Regulations.

NTSB - National Transportation Safety Board. U.S. equivalent of UK's AAIB.

nvg - night vision goggles.

NVQ - National Vocational Qualification. A Government-recognised qualification, the cost of training for which can be set against tax.