aviation glossary


Q-code - system developed when air-to ground communication was by wireless telegraphy, enabling many routine phrases and questions to be reduced to three letters. Now largely redundant, except these:

  • QDM - magnetic bearing to a direction-finding station.
  • QDR - magnetic bearing from the station.
  • QFE - atmospheric pressure at aerodrome elevation. With its sub-scale set to the aerodrome QFE an altimeter will indicate height above that airfield.
  • QFU - magnetic orientation of runway in use.
  • QNE - reading in feet on an altimeter set to 1013.2 millibars (standard pressure) when the aircraft is at aerodrome elevation.
  • QNH - altitude above mean sea level based on local station pressure.
  • QTE - true line of position from a direction-finding station.
  • QUJ - true bearing

QFI - Qualified Flying Instructor. Also QHI, qualified helicopter instructor.

Quadrantal Rule - system of cruising altitudes used in UK uncontrolled airspace below FL250.